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A 6 page paper that explores the legends surrounding the Greek god Apollo and discusses the religious rituals practiced in his worship. The nature of the symbols of the bow, the laurel, and the lyre that are traditionally associated with Apollo are explained. Apollo's early use of music therapy is also explored. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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arrow bright - with an immortals vengeance in his eye and nostril, beautiful disdain and might" are the words written by poet Byron in "Childe Harold" of the statue of Apollo known as Apollo Belvedere (Byron 161: Bulfinch PG). This famed marble statue, believed to be the creation of Leochares in the fourth century BC, is a representation of the Greek god Apollo following the slaying of the serpent Python (Rubin 358). In one hand, Apollo grasps a bow while the other hand holds a laurel branch. These two articles are symbolic for the Greek god Apollo and represent two of his sacred attributes, those of punishment for wrongful deeds and reward for rightful deeds (Rubin 358). According to Greek mythology, Apollo was the sun of the Greek god Zeus, the ruler of heaven and the lord of all gods. He was born to a mortal mother, Leto of Delos, during an extended and painful nine-day birth process brought on by a jealous Heras, goddess of heaven and lover of Zeus (Monarch Notes PG). Legend states that Hera has loosed upon the world an evil serpent, Python, to pursue Leto and extract revenge. Apollo, who had become a master of archery while growing up, found the serpent 2 and with his arrows, dispatched the serpent Python. The serpent Pylon had been possessed of a gift of prophecy and upon slaying the serpent Apollo gained this gift (Monarch Notes PG). The serpent Python had also been guardian of the Oracle of Delphi. Once the evil Python was destroyed, the Oracle of Delphi was dedicated to Apollo for this brave and heroic act (Parada Leto also had given birth to a girl, Apollos twin sister Artemis. She also was adept with the ...

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