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The Good Ship "Lead Balloon"

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This 5 page paper argues for the construction of a spaceship made of lead, powered by solar energy. The ship will be called (obviously) the "Lead Balloon" and all nations of the world will join in the exploration lead by the new vessel. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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could claim that we are truly a spacefaring race. Each mission is expensive, dangerous and complex; until space flight becomes routine it will remain the responsibility of a few highly specialized individuals. This paper considers a new dimension of space travel-a thought experiment, in fact: we want to think of ways to persuade the people of earth to build a solar powered spaceship made of lead. Discussion Outside of the obvious jokes ("it went over like a lead balloon" and so on), the first question that comes to mind is: Why lead? Lead is heavy, and the most difficult part of any space launch is getting the thing off the ground and into orbit. This brings us to a consideration of the materials used to make space vehicles. For ease of comparison, lets take just two examples, both of which have been relatively successful: the Saturn 5 rocket that put men on the Moon; and the Shuttle. It is ridiculously difficult to find a simple answer to the question, What did NASA use to build the Saturn 5? Perhaps not surprisingly, most of the sources discuss the propellant and the problems with fueling rockets; nobody comes out and says anything like, "Most of the rocket was made of an aluminum alloy." One of the problems is that the Saturn 5 was built by a bunch of different contractors, and there is now no complete set of blueprints or specifications that describes that machine in detail (Day, 2006). However, every photo or broadcast of a Moon launch shows us what is clearly a metal rocket blasting off. Another source, in discussing the burning propellants, says they "create extreme heat and pressure in the combustion chamber. Temperatures in the chamber become hot enough to melt the steel, nickel, copper, and ...

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