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The Function of Myth

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This 7 page paper discusses the role of myth within a good story: Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Aurel. The importance of archetypal image is discussed, as well as the perception that writing is the key to human consciousness as shown in Walter Ong's Orality and Literacy: The Technologicalizing of the Word. Bibliographylists 4 sources.

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author, teacher and psychologist . And the ability to see our lives in story terms is a fabulous mirroring experience. Young, also a Jungian scholar, encourages his audiences to dismiss efforts to find the correct interpretation, and instead to take note of their feelings, watch where their fantasies go and follow the natural flow of imagination. The goal is to allow the storys underlying imagery, its archetypes or universal symbols, to emerge and open a passageway into the personal and collective unconscious. Young believes theres tremendous healing power in realizing that your personal difficulties are a timeless, natural part of the human journey, and that you can change your sense of reality through reinterpreting the story in which you imagine yourself to be living. Thats why his day job is training psychologists to use myth, legends, fairy tales and sacred stories in clinical practices. In order to understand how myth functions in Jean M. Aurels tale Clan of the Cave Bear, lets first consider what is a myth? Myth, according to Webster (1974) is "a legendary narrative that presents parts of the beliefs of a people, or explains a phenomenon." Myth functions as a story format for the actions of what are called archetypes. An archetype will be the role the character plays within the story. Examples of archetypes are: Creator, Caregiver, Fool, Innocent, Sage, Seeker, Orphan, Lover, Ruler, Destroyer, Magician, and Warrior. During those times when we may not be able to relate to the character of a story, we can usually react to the role, or the archetype. It is thought that it is the archetype which helps us, through the use of our own imagination, to ...

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