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The Character and Reputation of Sam Houston

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This 5 page paper discusses Sam Houston as he is portrayed in the biography by Randolph Campbell. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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This paper discusses the role Houstons character and reputation played in making him such an influential and well-regarded person. Discussion The meaning of character and reputation: The student will want to think about this because these qualities are different for everyone. Dr. Martin Luther King said, in his luminous "I Have a Dream" speech, that he wanted to see his children grow up in a country where they would be judged not by the color of their skins, but by the content of their character. Character, then, is a cornerstone of human behavior. But what does it mean? There are many qualities that we consider to be vital if we are to consider someone to be of good character. They include honesty, integrity and compassion, among others. That is we expect the person to tell the truth and deal with us openly; we also expect that he/she is a person that will keep their word. We also expect that they will consider the well-being of others to be at least as important as their own, and act accordingly. These are people we would like to have as friends and colleagues. Assuming someone does behave in an honest, honorable and compassionate manner, which takes a lot of moral courage, he will also gain a reputation to match his actions. He will then be in a position in which he can make a difference in the society of his day, as Houston was able to do. We want to consider now how Houstons character and reputation played out in his life and his work in Texas. Randolph Campbells book is well-researched and gives a coherent picture of Houstons life and times; it also ties him in with the larger issues of his day. Campbell covers Houstons life extremely well, from his beginnings ...

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