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Supporting the theme that theater reflects gender polarization, this paper examines the role of women in theater by examining theater in Ancient Greece and discussing a modern-day play, "Waiting for the Parade." Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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its characters, actors." If this is true, then drama and theater should be an ideal reflection of our culture and society. To an extent it is - unless the theater company in question is wanting to make money. But its true that playwrights will generally write about the times in which they live. During the 1980s, for example, a goodly number of plays about AIDS and rape were written and produced. In times before that, playwrights tackled a manner of subjects, from prostitution, to adultery, to poverty. Where, then is the womans role in the history of theater? In short, the role of women continues to be that of subservience, for the most part. With very few exceptions, the theater has supported a polarized gender system, even with so-called "feminist" plays. Unfortunately, in the so-called "feminist" plays, the female characters are struggling to free themselves from some masculine menace. In one play, "The Matchmaker," the role of Dolly Levi is interesting at first - she is a strong, independent woman; a rarity during the 19th century, when the play takes place. Dolly, who is a widow, ends up resting her fate on marriage to an old and curmudgeonly man, Horace. Although Dolly has obviously made her own way in life and has been well respected, her one goal throughout the entire play is to wed a man who is grumpy and terrible company. There are very few plays that picture female role that, on their own, are strong and competent. For the most part, plays tend to treat women as either "good" or "bad," with nothing in between. Many years ago, the "good" women on stage were wives and mothers, or if they werent ...

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