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A 7 page research paper that offers a brief biography of Sun Tzu, then outlines and summarizes the main points of the book and concludes with a brief discussion of the importance of applying this philosophy to current US military situations. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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business as well as in the military. Biography: Little is certain regarding the life of Sun Tzu. He is described in first century BCE records as a contemporary of Confucius (551-479 BCE); however, translator Samuel B. Griffith believes that Sun Tzu "probably lived during the Warring States period (453-221 B.C.)" rather than during the earlier Spring and Autumn period in Chinese history (McCready, 2003, p. 85). Interestingly, Professor Victor Mairs 2007 translation of the text presents it as a "work that was created over time in a particular environment" (Lorge, 2008, p. 927). Mair insists that "there was no historical person Master Sun" and that the text was derived from a "much broader pool of military maxims and writings" (Lorge, 2008, p. 927). However, according to legend, Sun Tzu was born into a noble family with the name of "Sun Wu" ("About," 2010). A military commander, legend states that despite being greatly outnumbered in numerous battles, he always achieved victory and his name was changed to Sun Tzu "as a sign of his status as a master of philosophy" ("About," 2010). Nevertheless, there are several examples in Asian culture wherein "fake personas complete with homes, families and documents" were created as a defense against their enemies, as this hid their true persona and this may very well pertain to Sun Tzu ("About," 2010). About the text: Modern history tends to regard The Art of War as a text that favors the underdog; however, McCready (2003) argues that Sun Tzus concepts and strategies can also be utilized by stronger states. Regardless of whether or not stronger states employ these tactics, they need to be thoroughly aware of them, in order to defend against the smaller states that most certainly will consult Sun Tzu in devising strategy (McCready, 2003). ...

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