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Same-Sex Behavior And Attitudes In Ancient Greece And Rome: Providing Help Dealing With Gays In The Military In Modern America

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8 pages in length. The writer discusses how ancient Greek and Roman behavior and attitudes may have an impact upon how modern-day America deals with issue of gays in the military. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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workforce, the militarys recruiting has witnessed significant changes from it traditional white male membership (Widnall). Clearly, the growing diversity of contemporary society has waged its influence upon Americas military community by providing a wider membership base from which to recruit, even if this push toward modernity sets uneasily with some whose entire lives have been dedicated to the stringent standards of conventional military, particularly with regard to permitting gays to serve their country. In essence, military personnel from the top to the bottom have had to accept the growing trend toward diversity of gender, race and sexual orientation with an open attitude and a desire to blend with the myriad elements subject to such diversity. II. HISTORICAL UNDERSTANDING OF SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS Although widely accepted in ancient Greek and Rome, same-sex behavior and pederastic relationships were not altogether accepted or highly regarded by everyone. In fact, while some acknowledged and engaged in the prevalence of such interaction, others made a blatant point of demonstrating their distaste. Dynes et al contend that ancient writers who rebuffed both the idea and reality of same-sex behavior and pederastic relationships still wrote about it as though they were supportive in order to abide by public desire. In consequence, new (homosexual) variants of existing myths, and in some cases new (homosexual) myths, were generated by poets, who in this as in other fields accommodated their material to the tastes, interests and beliefs of the society in which they worked (Dynes et al 130). Love, as the main theme of Platos Phaedrus, is a powerful force within the storys overall context but one that also maintains a purposeful separation from homosexual Eros love. As Socrates and Phaedrus walk along the countryside, they ...

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