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A 5 page discussion of the bacteria found under the genus Salmonella. Includes information on their biology, their method of attack, symptoms and ways to prevent infection. Bibliography lists three sources.

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physiology and makeup in order that they can better utilize their miscellaneous hosts. The microorganism most typically invades the body of another, more complex, organism. The body of the host provides the ecosystem in which the invading microorganism grows and reproduces. Bacteria not only evolve to take advantage of natural conditions they also evolve to be best equipped for man-altered conditions. For example, bacteria go through alterations in their makeup over an extremely short period of time in order to adapt to the presence of antibiotics. These changes are sometimes only temporary in nature but at other times they are permanently incorporated into a species evolution. Rather than genetic changes occurring in a haphazard fashion it actually can occur in a process which operates under molecular rules. (Garrett). Bacteria are fascinating in there ability to enter a host organism and take full advantage of that host. The contrast between the environment from which the bacteria is contracted and that of the host body is phenomenal. The bacteria outside of the body lives in contaminated food or water and is subject to the elements of the natural world. If its wet the bacteria is wet, in a drought it dries up, in heat its hot and in cold its cold. In the body the bacteria is protected from these elements. It lives in a constant temperature and moisture and is bathed in nutrients which are necessary for its growth and replication. Although it is faced with many different chemical environments and other obstacles, these are much less detrimental to the bacteria what it was subjected to outside of the body (Miller). ...

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