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A paper which looks at the importance of religion in the social and political development of societies, and the way in which religious belief, particularly Christianity, has influenced the development of the USA in terms of policy-making and social systems. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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Paper Store Enterprises Inc By , January 2013 To Use This Report Correctly, Please There are a number of reasons why religion is important in the construction and development of any social structure, both in terms of individual and group beliefs and the way in which such beliefs shape cultural practices and social infrastructures such as the law and the political system. Some theorists assert that in order to understand the powerful influence which comparative religions have upon modern society it is necessarily to look at primitive forms. This is not from the perspective that religion has a particular starting point somewhere in the past, but rather that there are elements common to all religions which constitute its importance to society, and that these can be more clearly seen if the development of religion over the centuries is considered, rather than the current influence of specific belief systems. Durkheim, for example, considered that religion was grounded in the nature of things and that any belief system which does not have this foundation will be unable to survive, since there will be constant resistance to something which is innately wrong. He asserts that religious rituals and practices, even though they appear to outsiders to have little relevance to reality, will always be representative ...

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