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This 4-page paper argues that religion is definitely relevant -- and important -- in today's society. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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Republican Party put George W. Bush into the office of the presidency - twice - and whether he has a positive legacy is doubtful at this time. The Catholic Church has undergone scandals of huge proportions, and the Episcopalians havent been able to get it together about the question of homosexuality. Muslims and the study of Islam are regarded with suspicion ever since 9/11. The question we need to ask ourselves, therefore, is whether religion can be considered lively and relevant in the United States today. Though religion, as such, isnt a "state" issue as it is in a lot of other countries (such as France and Italy and, of course, some of the more heavily Islam Middle East countries), its an important factor among many American citizens. From a philosophical viewpoint, a lot of people do believe religion is very important. A few years back, University of Texas-San Antonio student Chris Gieseke said that, even in this time during which science seems to trump religion in answering a lot of questions, religion is important on many levels. For one thing, religion provides "certainty in an uncertain world" (Gieseke, 2006). For many people as well, he points out, a persons religion is tied deeply into culture, heritage and family - and is important for many people who are trying to form an identity in their society (Gieseke, 2006). Religion also provides anxiety relief when personal tragedy or hardships come along (Gieseke, 2006). Part of the reason is belief in God. The other part is that religion, and its institutions, more often than not come with a social support network to help people who are suffering ...

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