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Perception and Communication

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A 9 page contention that our perception can have a tremendous influence on our ability to communicate with others. This paper points out that our perception is important not just in verbal communication but also nonverbal communication. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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Our perceptions of others and our environment in general differs according to a number of factors. These differences can translate into many understandings in terms of communication. Perception differs in accordance with an individuals place of origin, their gender, and even their culture. These differences can be noted in relation to both verbal communication and non-verbal communication and can mean the difference between individuals being on the same channel or being in what amounts to a different world in terms of their interactions with one another. Perceptual differences as they relate to communication can be a critical stumbling block in societal interaction. Communication, after all, is a necessary facet of human existence, it involves every type of communication between human beings whether this communication is the sharing of information in a work environment or school environment or whether this communication is more intimate in nature. True communication is much more than just idle chat, instead it is a means passing along sometimes critical information and expressing our most deeply felt emotions and beliefs. With proper communication, individuals and organizations are able to share information, analyze situations and to set goals (Nelton, 1995). With proper communication individuals are able to resolve conflicts and to ensure one-on-one understanding. Sometimes, however, words alone do not equate with effective communication. Even words themselves are often translated in accordance with perceptual differences. When non-verbal communication enters the picture, however, perceptual differences can become even greater. Communication can occur in many forms. It can be either verbal or non-verbal. The classification ...

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