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Military Supply Chain Management

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A 4 page paper discussing general supply chain needs for the U.S. Army. Though the principles of supply chain management are the same for both corporate and military models, there are significant differences that directly affect supply chain management. Military supply chain management requires the addition of these other needs and influencers. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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moving items from one place to another - from one supplier to the next "customer" along the supply chain - is a crucial activity within the Army. Obviously it is not sufficient to place soldiers in areas where they are needed without also supplying their needs. Ineffective supply chain management in the military carries far greater and more significant implications than in the corporate world where the problem is serious enough. In the corporate setting inefficient supply chain management can cost financial penalties or lost orders; in combat areas it can cause lost lives. The Organization The U.S. Army has been the students "home" and employer for more than 25 years and of course currently is active in combat in two countries in addition to its continued presence in other parts of the world. The primary business of the Army is to "maintain peace through war deterrent" as directed by military officials within the U.S. government and ultimately as directed by the President, the Armys Commander in Chief. The Armys Supply Chain Strategic Choices Certainly there are strategic issues continually before those managing a military supply chain. Bryson (2004) discusses several approaches to identifying strategic issues. They are the Indirect, Goals, Vision of Success and Tensions Approaches (Bryson, 2004; p. 45). * Indirect: considers different kinds of options before beginning to identify issues (Bryson, 2004). * Goals: these are the goals of the organization, which again is not the best approach for the Army at an operational level. * Vision of Success: This "starts with at least a sketch of a vision of success in order to identify issues that must be dealt with before the vision can ...

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