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Management and Communication at the American Red Cross

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A 6 page paper discussing some of the ongoing problems of the ARC and how other management styles and approaches to organizational communication could improve conditions and operation. Clearly the workforce is committed to the ARC and what it does, even if they are less than pleased with ARC's overall culture and the distance between them and senior management. True bidirectional communication could provide much healing within the organization. Given the organization's embattled Board-level politics over the past decade, the Senate Finance Committee may need to insist on changes at the Board level. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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The American Red Cross (ARC) has been striving to find itself for several years. It is a first responder in disasters and even local house fires, and it is the countrys largest supplier of blood and blood products. For all the good that ARC does, it continues to draw fire from several fronts. Call for Improvements Senator Charles Grassley wrote to the ARC early in 2006 with a long list of complaints about the organization, ranging from mismanagement of available funds to use of too great a portion of those funds promoting the organization. In essence, Grassleys charges accuse the ARC of "allowing a weak board to rule the organization, overstepping its Congressional mandate, and fostering a culture that cares more about good publicity than good deeds" (Wilhelm, 2006; p. 36). Leading the list of grievances against the organization was what Grassley characterized as weak leadership by the Board of Governors. Specific complaints included not properly overseeing the departure of former chief executive, Marsha (Marty) J. Evans and hiring an attorney outside the ARC to "negotiate Ms. Evanss severance package before the full 50-person board was notified of her resignation" (Wilhelm, 2006; p. 36). Grassley also decried the lack of any kind of "paper trail" documenting the events and situations leading to Ms. Evans departure, asking that the ARC provide a narrative explaining the events leading to Ms. Evans resignation. Governance Though Grassley focused on Ms. Evans departure, his concern was that the event and those associated with it are indicative of "a wider problem with the board, which is plagued by poor attendance at meetings, an unwieldy size, and conflicts of interest" (Wilhelm, 2006; p. 36). Whether ...

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