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Liner and Tramp Shipping; Management and Operating Differences

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This 6 page paper looks at the differences in terms of management and operations of tramp shipping compared to liner shipping looking at the different ways the firms operate, how prices are set and the way areas of key importance of cost management to each of these shipping sectors. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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industries as well as different segments. The role of management will be concerned with the way that the firm is run, how business is gained, the ongoing management of operations, the way clients are dealt with and even marketing activities. Management will be concerns with ensuring that the business goals are met and relevant strategies are in place and acted upon. However, there can be differences in the way these are performed, with divergent emphasis placed different parts of the management process and variant tasks performed. The shipping industry may appear to be relatively similar, the carriage of goods between different ports, and although there are similarities, there are also differences in gems of the type of shipping that is taking place. Comparing tramp shipping with liner shipping there are many differences in the way that they operate and the way that they are managed. The main difference is in the way that the two types of ships operate; a liner service will provide a fixed schedule of services, with the ship moving between fixed ports on pre-specified routes, please often owned by the same company, and under the same management. When cargoes are taken aboard, they will be collected or one of the regular ports, and dropped off at one of the ports, be accepted under a bill of lading contract which will be issued to the shipper, by the ship operator. This is a ship that will sale regardless of whether or not it is full in order to stay on schedule. Therefore, it is important as pages are designed in such a way that they will be able to optimize the chance for contract business and revenue creation (Kjetil, 2004). This process, utilizing a bit of lading, helps to simplify the management of operations. The function ...

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