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John Kerry: A Biography

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This 5 page paper provides an overview of the life of Senator John Kerry. This paper was written while Senator John Kerry was vying for the democratic nomination for the 2004 election. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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the past four terms. Kerrys personal history provides a basis for understanding his move into politics and has also been central to current discourse about his military and political beliefs. John Forbes Kerry was born in Fitzsimons Military Hospital in Denver, Colorado, in December of 1943 (John Kerry for President, 2004). Kerry was born to Irish Catholic parents, including his father Richard, who was in the Army Air Corps in World War II (John Kerry for President, 2004). During his families stay in Colorado, Richard Kerry suffered from tuberculosis, and the family returned to their home in Massachusetts shortly after John Kerrys birth (John Kerry for President, 2004). Kerrys childhood in a military family gave him some perspective on the importance of public service, military service and even the conflicts between family and military participation. As a result, Kerry entered the Navy after graduating from Yale University, and began his service during the Vietnam Conflict (John Kerry for President, 2004). In fact, John Kerry served as a Swift Boat officer in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, and was awarded a number of medals for his service, including a Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V, and three awards of the Purple Heart (John Kerry for President, 2004). Kerrys upbringing as a member of a vocal family and his time at Yale served him when he returned from Vietnam. Questioning the response of the nation to Vietnam veterans as well as elements of his service, he began to ask questions about the decision to go to war and the factors that influenced the actions in Vietnam. Kerry was a co-founder of the organization Vietnam Veterans of America and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (John Kerry for President, 2004). Kerrys voice ...

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