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6 pages in length. Centers around Dr. Dean Hamer's pronouncement of a gay gene linkage within the X chromosome. With a close look at the histories and homosexual tendencies in ancient Greece and Rome, as well as Sparta and Lesbos, considers whether there might indeed be genetic pre-dispositions toward homosexuality in a person's biological makeup. Also includes a discussion on the impact there might be if there is indeed a gay gene. Bibliography includes 5 sources.

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chromosome in homosexual males which later became known as the gay gene. In this so-called "linkage study," scientists are able to identify a certain behavior trait that will run in a family. This trait can then be correlated to a chromosomal variant that is found in the genetic makeup of the family. The study conducted by Hamer suggested that in a group of forty homosexual brother pairs, there were a larger than average number of homosexual uncles as well. This was when the link in the Q28 region of the X chromosome was cited as being what is now referred to as the gay gene (Hamer PG). However, there have been many disputes on Hamers findings, among them the claim that he did not do enough research to make this claim, and also accusations that the research was rigged in such a way as to distort the true findings. Seemingly there is still much dispute over this so-called gay gene. If one examines the ancient history of homosexuality however, it might be that there are reasons that homosexuality were more prevalent in certain times and certain geographic locations of the world. One of these reasons could be that there truly is a genetic propensity toward homosexuality in some people. II. ANCIENT HISTORY OF HOMOSEXUALITY There are many early texts on ancient Greece which refer to the homosexuality which seemed to be prevalent in the region. According to many texts of the time, homosexuality was simply adopted as a medical term when in fact the word eros was that specification defining romantic love between two people of the same sex. To the ancient Greeks eros was not in and of itself phenomenal enough to distinguish between whether or not ...

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