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How The Internet Helps New Small Businesses

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A 9 page paper. The Internet has been nicknamed the great Equalizer because it allows businesses to be evaluated based on their products and services instead of size, gender, race or ethnicity. This paper reports data about sales on the Internet and how this technology can help the new small business owner succeed. Examples and tips are included. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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end the "glass ceiling" that limits the success of women and minorities. This is the technology that can expand opportunities that were previously restricted. Online users do not know and most dont care what the business owner looks like as long as the user receives high quality products and service at reasonable prices. In other words, the consumer is judging the "business" on the characteristics that should be used to make judgments: professionalism, concern for customer, quality products or services and reasonable prices. That all adds up to small business owners being evaluated without prejudice (Bayne, 1998). Anyone who is starting a new small business would be limiting their own probability of success if they did not exploit the advantages the Internet offers. The Internet allows the small business owner to conduct business anywhere in the world no matter where it is actually located. This technology truly creates a global market (Bacheldor, 20000). Small companies were slow to use the Internet but in the past couple of years, they have begun to realize this technology can provide them a global presence. In fact, with well-designed Web sites, it impossible to gauge how big or small a company is by only looking at their site. This gives the small business the opportunity to basically compete with their much larger counterparts in many industries. As one writer put it: "The Internet radically changes business processes and structures, allowing you to compete better, faster, and more efficiently. . . . The internet enables new business models to thrive, creating new business opportunities and allowing small companies to compete more effectively with big companies" (, nd). This group offers the example of to illustrate how a small business can become a huge business fast. In less than four years, went from ...

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