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How Far Was The Northern Rebellion of 1569 the Result of Religious Change?

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This 12 page paper considers the different influences that came together to create the Northern Rebellion that threatened the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1569. The writer argues that although this appeared to be predominantly a religious rebellion, seeking to restore the Roman Catholic church, in reality there were many other factors, such as poverty and political power, that were also key issues. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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well known, but his reign left England torn apart, there were great religious divisions, and his reign had created an empty treasury and a poor country. He was not immediately succeeded by Elizabeth I, however, it is Elizabeth I that is remembered as the successor, who brought England into a golden age of prosperity. Despite this remembrance on history, her reign was not easy, and there were many rebellions. One of these was the rebellion in the North, this occurred during November of 1569, and in generally attributed to the religious changes that were occurring at the time. However, when we look more deeply we can see there were other issues that may also have been influential, such as political power, the economic climate and the widening social inequality, with both social and economic distress being seen at the same time. Therefore, the cause may have been numerous. For the cause of this event to be seen as purely the religious change we would have to be able to argue that even without other contributory factors, the same, or similar events, would still have occurred. If we are to consider this approach to the causes of the rebellion we need to begin before the date of the rebellion and consider the events that lead to the events, as well as the events themselves. Background In 1560s England there was an air of religious divide. This had begun in the time of Henry VIII. The king, as a result of many political factors, had broke with the Roman Catholic Church, and had formed the Church of England (Newcombe, 1995). The breaking point was when Henry VIII wanted to marry Anne Boleyn, but to achieve this he had to divorce Catherine of Aragon (Newcombe, 1995). This occurred in ...

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