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Homegrown Terrorism: Violence in the Pro-Life Movement

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This 11 page paper looks at the violence that has been proliferated by the pro-life movement. Various groups and individuals are named. The history of the movement is discussed in light of the history of abortion rights. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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2001, they were destroyed by terrorists, and while people live in fear from this outside force, what is amazing is that homegrown terrorism is all too often forgotten. When abortion clinics in the United States are bombed for example, few think of that as terrorism, but it is. The bombing of the Federal building on April 19, 1995 by Timothy McVeigh is another case of home grown terrorism and it was a horrific day in U.S. history. Still, no one talks about 4/19. Rather, they talk about 9/11. Since September 11, 2001, domestic terrorism has been pushed aside. Terrorism is now something equated with an international unit that is fundamentally Arab, but there is a brand of domestic terrorism that often goes unnoticed. Eric Rudolph is a case in point. He bombed a lesbian bar, an abortion clinic and an Olympic celebration (Mason, 2005). And while the public is well aware of Rudolphs American adventures, it is not condemned in the same way as is international terrorism. Is there a parallel between international Islamic fundamentalist terrorism and fundamentalist Christian domestic terrorism? Indeed, it seems that there is. Domestic terrorism fueled by Christian fundamentalism is something that employs the same methods used by Islamic fundamentalists. That is, each faction uses bombs. Sometimes, assassination is used as well. There have been physicians that the religious right calls "abortionists" and is compelled to shoot them. They feel that the murders are justifiable because those physicians commit murder themselves each time they provide a patient with a legal abortion. Abortion clinics are targets as well. For international terrorists, anything American is fair game. Either way, the methods employ a paradigm of death and destruction and the motives are eerily similar. Both groups purport to commit these heinous acts ...

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