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A 6 page research paper that discusses the connection between happiness and compassion, in terms of both Christian and Buddhist belief and then explains this connection further by examining Tolstoy’s Death of Ivan Ilych. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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principal guest the Dalai Lama. The point of this event is to engage a wide segment of the population-not just "youths and educators," but also, philanthropists, politicians, business people and clergy of different faiths-in a dialogue that conveys the "message that kindness and compassion form the critical bedrock for a better society" (Iwasaki). While the Western understanding of kindness/compassion is associated with an altruistic desire to help others, a reality that is often not fully realized in the West is that compassion (and kindness) are inextricably linked to happiness. This is a reality that has been explored by both Christian and Buddhist thought, as well as intuitive authors of literature, such as Tolstoy. Examination of this topic indicates the definitive tie between being happy and being compassionate toward others. For those individuals who are skeptical of anything associated with spirituality or religion-the "doubting Thomass" who must see and touch the wounds of the risen Christ in order to believe-science offers proof of the connection between compassion and happiness. In a study that was published earlier this year, the researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study whether or not compassion could be taught via Buddhist techniques of meditation ("Depression" 16). Long story short, this empirical research study showed that the emotions of "loving-kindness and compassion" could be encouraged and learned as sixteen "age-matched controls with no previous training were taught the fundamental of compassion meditation" and their scans were then compared to those of Buddhist monks ("Depression" 16). The researcher assert that learning this skill would promote not only compassion, but also happiness for people prone to depression or with personality disorders that incline them towards violent behavior ("Depression" 16). These qualities, kindness and compassion, are "central to the Dalai Lamas philosophy and mission" ("Depression" ...

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