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5 pages in length. The biography of Giambattista Bodoni, the great typography born in Italy. Credited with creating beautiful and flowing typefaces which are famous to this day. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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printer himself. After travelling to Rome as a young man, Bodoni found work as a printer at the "Propaganda Fide" which translated from the Latin version means Propagation of the Faith (Fabian bodoni.htm). After working several years at the "Propaganda Fide" one day Bodoni came to work to find that his mentor, the director of the press, had committed suicide. Wishing to leave these unpleasant memories behind him, Bodoni determined he would travel to England to find work as a printer there. On his way to England Bodoni chose to stop in Saluzzo in order to visit with his family. While there, he became seriously ill and was unable to travel at that time. In 1767 and fully recovered, Bodoni was appointed to be the director of the "Stamperia Reale" in that city by Ferdinand, the Duke of Parma (Fabian bodoni.htm). While Bodoni was employed with the Stamperia Reale he supervised the printing as well as the production of many elegant editions of the literary classics. In addition to this, he produced a very well-reknown version of the Lords Prayer in one hundred fifty five languages. The building in which he had his print shop of that time now currently houses his collections in the Bodoni Museum, located in the old ducal palace of "La Pilotta" (Fabian bodoni.htm). Bodonis editions became largely successful because of his distinct and exacting standards for the productions of all of his publications. By combining beautifully engraved illustrations with elegant typography and typesetting of vastly sought after subjects, he successfully created very desirable products for his customers. His customers included some of the most well-known scholars and socialites of the day, as well as avid collectors of his work. The members of ...

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