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This 4 page paper explores the basic premise of several religions, including indigenous religions, God's covenant with the Jews, Zoroastrianism and its impact on Judaism, the difference between the various sects of Judaism, and more. This paper examines how these religious topics integrate into a history of religion. Bibligraphy lists 0 sources.

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which is practiced by people who are the original inhabitants of the land. Therefore, it is both land and religion which unites the people. However, history shows us that eventually, someone or some group comes to that land, and most often a clash occurs in terms of religion. Many of these indigenous religions have had monumental efforts launched on their behalf to hopefully get them to change their viewpoint. Typically, world religions, such as Christianity, encompass the belief that it is necessary to convert non-believers, and so their mission becomes to change the indigenous people and their religion when contact is made. This demonstrates the negative side of religion since this aspect isnt at all about tolerance and love for differences, but about control. Consider all the war and all the deaths which have manifested as a result of religious fervor. How Tribal Groups Developed into Classical Groups Many tribal groups throughout the ages have become classical groups, and most often this is through either voluntary or involuntary exposure to the message of classical religions. For example, when the Christian settlers first came to America, they worked very hard to convert the Native American Indians, who obviously did not believe in Jesus Christ. The new settlers felt compelled to spread the word of Christianity and tried to convert as many as possible. This was important for the settlers religiously, socially and economically. Religiously, they felt they were obligated to convert others; socially, they believed the Indians to be heathens so converting would sophisticate them a bit; and economically, they believed that Christianity would provide for them. The Jewish People ...

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