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Evaluation of "Analyzing Hospital Readmissions Using Statewide Discharge Databases"

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A 9 page paper providing the text of PowerPoint® presentation slides and speaker notes examining the report of a study done for the purpose of developing an algorithm enabling more accurate assessment of hospital readmission rates across varied state systems. Benchmark data established using the approach developed here can be useful in tracking high-level changes in quality and patient outcome, either on a statewide level or through comparison of states’ progress. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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speaker notes. Introduction * All of American healthcare is changing - Greater focus on prevention - Costs continue to increase - Greater numbers of individuals are losing insurance coverage * Healthcare providers seek improved patient outcomes * As in manufacturing, increased quality in healthcare also leads to decreased costs Speaker Notes All of US healthcare is in flux in terms of cost, accessibility and quality. American manufacturing learned years ago that as quality increases, costs decrease. This is a natural result of decreasing variability in processes while simultaneously reducing waste. "Waste" occurs in many forms, and not only in tangible goods. Time and labor are two extremely limited resources used in healthcare; the waste of either decreases quality - patient outcome - while increasing costs without also increasing benefit. "Analyzing Hospital Readmissions Using Statewide Discharge Databases" develops a method of collecting data from "existing, diverse, hospital discharge databases to measure quality of care for eleven Diagnostic Related Groups" (DRGs) based on the rates at which patients were rehospitalized for the same or related conditions. This value constitutes a core measure. Problem Statement * Hospital readmission rate has been - Indicator of outcomes of care - Source of unnecessary - and high - costs - Fragmented state to state - Based on varied data * The problem has been the lack of uniform algorithm that can equalize varied data Speaker Notes The problems of rising health care costs have been the bane of physicians, hospital administrators, employers and certainly the uninsured (or underinsured) for nearly three decades. Various measures have been enacted, some with little or no effect; others have had only the ...

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