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This 9 page paper considers the role of ethics in a range of business scenarios. The writer considers the role of IT and the ethical dilemmas that may be faced by analysts and programmes the ethics surrounding a company being a good corporate citizen, and finally sustainable development. This is under taken by a review and discussion of three different articles. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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there are some areas where there has not be a maturation of the ethical perspective. New technology is one of these areas where there are both traditional and new ethical dilemmas to be dealt with. In the article Analysing IT ethics, by M. J. Taylor; E. Moynihan, published in Systems Research and Behavioral Science at the beginning of 2002 can be seen as taking a new view at the subject form the eyes of the IT systems developers and analysts. In this many aspects of ethical requirements are considered along with how they may be incorporated into decision making systems and processes such as SSADM. The article begins with the different dilemmas and problems that may be faced by a programmer. The article is comprehensive in considering the ethical stance of those developing software. Not only is there use of the technophobes argument that new IT will place more people out of work b taking more of the labour and reducing the amount of human labour needed. This can be seen as planning those who undertook the manual jobs out of work, and often, if the system is well designed then it may even be their own job that becomes redundant (Taylor and Moynihan, 2002). Here we see that IT creates redundancies in a world where there is a desire for job security. Against this there are also new needs of any programmes or designer, and their need to earn a living designing these systems (Taylor and Moynihan, 2002). These are all ethic problems. However, they are not the only ethical problems. The ethical problems considered here are also exploited further in the way that ...

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