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A 6 page paper consists of 2 essays (3 pages each). The first essay discusses the applicability of the creation myth in Genesis and the myth of Prometheus to modern society. The second essay discusses the value of African wisdom proverbs. No bibliography provided.

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fits with past paradigms is comforting, Humanity survived in the past by behaving a certain way. Therefore, this behavior seems to assure us that we will survive in the future if we do not change. At its most fundamental level, myths tell us how to act. They warn us about setting outside the boundaries of accepted behavior. The creation myth in Genesis and the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus both serve as cautionary tales about the dangers of stepping outside the realm of the known. In both societies, the world was understood in patriarchal terms. children throughout history have been nurtured by their mothers and disciplined by their fathers. Jehovah and Zeus are the quintessential stern patriarchs. Zeus causes Prometheus to endure the most horrible of tortures, while Jehovah punishes with Adam and Eve with the introduction of death. Genesis is meant not only to convey how the world and humanity came into being, but also it serves to rationalize the worldview of the ancient Hebrews. Life was harsh and hard for this nomadic people. Men lived by the sweat of their brow and women suffered in childbirth. Obviously, humanity must have done something awful to deserve such a fate and Genesis provides the answer to this implied question and furthermore substantiates the domination of men over women. The clear message is that the patriarchal, punishing Jehovah should be obeyed. Similarly, Prometheus suffers mightily because he disobeyed Zeus and brought fire and knowledge to humanity. In both cases, the ancient world pictured danger in humanity stepping outside of the familiar in order to learn and explore. However, there is a slightly different cultural twist to the Greek tale, as Prometheus remains deviant. This adventurer is clearly the friend of humanity, while Zeus is pictured as being something of ...

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