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E-Zines: Their Place in Society and Journalism

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A 4 page discussion of the successes and failures of e-zines. The author outlines the history of this electronic media and emphasizes that while some e-zines enjoy a long history of success, others are almost immediate flops. The critical determinant of success appears to be the audience to which the e-zine is targeted and the relative expectation of turning a profit from the pursuit. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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E-zines, electronic publications which include journalistic content traditionally found in the print media, are just one more aspect of the electronic world made possible by the advent of the Internet. E-zones allow us to circumvent the newsstand or even our own mailboxes and still enjoy the quality of information we could previously only find in magazines. E-zines have been produced for practically every occupational field and for practically all socio-economic groups. They have, in fact, become ingrained into many of our lives. Just how successful are e-zines however? Is there any real profit to be made in this new form of publishing? Just who do e-zines target and what is the message they hope to deliver? Has the advent of e-zines resulted in any real impact to the traditional print media? These are all questions which will be addressed in this paper. As has been noted, there has been an e-zine produced for practically every imaginable interest. Crawford (2001) instructs that e-zines combine the: "regularity and focus of journals with the personality and distinctive approaches of Weblogs...Think of an e-zine as a periodical thats less commercial and more personal and subjective than a typical electronic journal". Consequently, these electronic publications have found their impetus in highly technical industries as well as in our popular culture. One of the first e-zines, in fact, was the brainchild of the American Library Association (then the Resources and Technical Services Division) (Crawford, 2001). It made its advent in February 1989 with the express function ...

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