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Definitions of Life

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This 5 page paper explores how "life" might be defined within scientific areas of biology, ornithology, anthropology, paleontology and geology. Branches of science may guide us, but ultimately each individual must answer that question of what is life, through either opinion or their own belief system, as well as acknowledge that "Life is continually adapting to changing environmental conditions." Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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the person studying a new language this can often seem confusing or difficult, however, sometimes this complicated learning process can be eased, if one approaches a language by looking a few of those basic "root" words. These Latin or Greek roots then become the building blocks or the foundations of the language. As an example consider the Greek word logos. This root word can either mean word or it can mean the study of. Using this as one our building block words allows us to add other parts of Latin or Greek roots to construct a new word, which we already know by half. Look at the word biology. Since we already know that logos can be shortened, like we do any word when we may be talking versus when we may be writing it. An example of this is the Spanish word komo? This Spanish word can mean what, or when being used between two people, one may be asking the other, do you understand, komo? Although we may try to simplify the idea of what life is through examining the words themselves, it is seldom that easy, a polite way to talk about complexity when it is so poorly defined is to describe "the boundary between order and chaos - where complexity would feasibly reside - and we would be left calling that the edge of chaos " (Langton 1990). And for some - that is what life is even within the scientific community. In the word biology we will take the word apart into" bio," plus "logy." Logy is from logos, one of our ...

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