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Constantine I and Christianity

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A 16 page paper that provides a brief biography of Constantine I, the early European churches, Constantine’s conversion, his edicts and acts to support Christianity, his presiding over the Council of Nicaea and what happened after his death. He changed relations between the church and the empire. For the first time, under his rule, Christians could practice their religion without fear of punishment. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

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methods listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates.?? CONSTANTINE I AND CHRISTIANITY Research compiled for The Paper Store, , November 2010 properly! Introduction The Roman Empire suffered a great deal of instability and unrest in the late Third and early Fourth centuries. Diocletian had ruled with an iron hand. He established a four-fold division of power: he was emperor in the East, Galerius was a subordinate emperor, Maximian was Augustus in the Wet and Constantius, Constantines father, was Diocletians Caesar (Nathan 2005). Each division was a Tetrarch and all four were in constant military battles. Constantine I would come to serve both Diocletian and Galerius during his military career (Pohlsander 1999). It was during this service that Constantine I was a witness to the persecution of Christians. Still, Christianity had grown with many willing to be martyrs to their faith. He adopted Christianity himself although he was not baptized until shortly before his death. As Emperor, Constantine I adopted Christianity as the state religion. He issues numerous edicts that provided benefits to clergy. He convened the Council of Nicaea at which time, controversies were resolved. It was at that council that Jesus divinity as affirmed, which was incorporated into the Nicene Creed. This would be the core of Christianity. He ended much of the brutal persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. There is always controversy about any rulers motivations. This was true with Constantine and his decision to make Christianity the state religion. Some would argue it was a clever political move but his dedication and his actions would seem to support his devotion to the Christian God. ...

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