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Comparing and Contrasting the Ancient Hebrew and Egyptian Religions:

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This 3 page paper discusses the ancient Hebrew and Egyptian Religions. This paper references Stearns' "Documents in World History, Volume I, Great Traditions From Ancient Times to 1500". Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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Ancient Times to 1500 describing the differences among the ancient cultures, ranging from Rome, to Greece, to Egypt and all throughout the Middle East and Africa. He explores the intricacies of these cultures and religions, and how they have influenced history (Stearns, 1998). For example, in the Egyptian culture religion guided every aspect of life (Stearns, 1998). The Egyptian religion was polytheistic, meaning that they worshiped many deities (Stearns, 1998). Much like the Greek system which we remember through mythology today, the Egyptians had up to 2000 gods and goddesses, many of which "were represented as part human and part animal" (Ancient Egyptian Religion, 2003). The Book of the Dead contains the major ideas and beliefs of the Egyptians, and explains at length the many practices associated with the afterlife (Ancient Egyptian Religion, 2003). The Egyptians believed in acquiring great wealth, since they thought they could take it with them into the next world (Ancient Egyptian Religion, 2003). Furthermore, the Egyptian religion stressed heavily the afterlife, and what was coming next, so preparing for this next step was a very important part of Egyptian life (Ancient Egyptian Religion, 2003). In terms of origin tales, the Egyptians had several ideas about how the world began (Ancient Egyptian Religion, 2003). One major theory was that it started as an ocean of darkness, and dry land rose up and from there the sun god appeared, creating the rest of creation (Ancient Egyptian Religion, 2003). Other versions were also popular (Ancient Egyptian Religion, 2003). These gods were worshiped regularly and often in the vast number of ...

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