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Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" And Toni Morrison's "Beloved": Religion

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8 pages in length. The writer discusses the aspect of religion as it relates to these two stories. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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social and religious survival. By clutching to their dreams and aspirations through the utilization of religious values, Okonkwos people were better equipped to withstand the existent torrent of despair and disheartenment that surrounded their disparaging situation. Indeed, one can readily argue that they were on a mission to find themselves in spite of the fact that everything they had come to know as being representational of their heritage had been infiltrated, damaged and callously disregarded by the Europeans. They "pride themselves on their indifference to all the ceremonies which bind and express the life of the tribe"(Moore, 63) The urgency of their own minds determination compelled them to seek out alternative options in order to maintain their survival, yet it was not easy living within the shadow of the powerful Europeans, a collective group of individuals who did not encourage Umuofias individual religious freedom. To say that Okonkwos people had to fight for their religious existence within the newly created world of the white man would be a gross understatement; indeed, the road to self-expression through life choices had been paved with racial intolerance and characteristic skepticism that culminated in conflicts that exist when an external religion is imposed on a culture. Indeed, to mask such somber episodes as Umuofias abrupt European colonization as being an important part of global religious history is to deny that there exists white supremacy or racism. In order for the full impact of such an ordeal to be effectively understood, the history of what happened to the villagers religious heritage must then be allowed to emerge from the depths of tragic consequence in order to avail a more tolerant perspective. Those who adopt such convictions also understand that if people are never to know the horrors of the ...

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