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This 13-page paper examines crew resource management and implementation of threat and error management into training. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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do, for the most part, But sometimes mistakes can happen. To avoid such mistakes, most crews and pilots undergo crew resource management training (CRM) on a fairly regular basis. However, as research is starting to show, CRM alone, with its teamwork and communication approach, isnt necessarily foolproof. Even recently, aviators have blamed themselves for "poor CRM" that has caused some problems with the airplane. One way in which this scenario is being circumvented is through threat and error management. The concept behind TEM is that crew is taught to anticipate almost every kind of threat, and then use CRM to determine the best possible outcome. Though TEM is a relatively new concept, its starting to be incorporated into a variety of CRM training programs. Still, even the most recent literature about CRM training doesnt include much mention of threat and error management. This is a scenario that needs to change if an airline crew is able to respond to all threats when they occur. In this paper, well examine this history of both CRM and the inclusion of TEM. Then well discuss how future programs might evolve as a result. Introduction When most of us board an airplane, we assume that the folks in the cockpit are highly trained and able to respond to just about any emergency. This is borne out by the fact that most of us end up landing fairly safely and without incident. This is also borne out by the fact that thousands of flights take off and land without incidence, with the media in an uproar only when crashes occur. ...

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