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This 7-page paper defines certain terms in business, such as marketing strategies, cost leadership, differentiation and possible defensive positions a takeover target firm can use to prevent an acquisition. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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marketing mix strategies, requirements for effective cost leadership strategies, organizational requirements necessary for cost differentiation strategies vs. cost leadership strategies, possible defensive mechanisms that can be used by takeover targets to prevent an acquisition and finally, the overall probable causes of corporate decline. Marketing Mix Strategies Once upon a time, the basics behind any kind of market strategy involved the concept of building a better mousetrap. The theory went, that if you built a better mousetrap, consumers would beat a path to your door. In this day and age however, building the best mousetrap is only a small part of an overall marketing strategy. Other aspects to be considered include the price, promotion and placement or distribution (which makes up the basics of the 4 Ps of marketing); as well as environmental and consumer analysis -- which makes up SWOT and PEST planning elements. The 4 Ps of marketing have been around pretty much since the middle of the 20th century -- with the theory of its success being based on finding the consumers needs, developing a product to meet those needs, pricing yet to make it attractive for consumers and then making sure the product is distributed in a fashion that is can be it for consumers to purchase. Unlike many business theories, the 4 Ps has withstood the test of time -- probably because it makes a great deal of sense. The 4 Ps planning involves the customer -- in other words, the person who will end up purchasing the product. In recent years however, there have been additional marketing tools to help accompany better analyze the consumer and ...

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