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This 5-page paper compares and contrasts beliefs on death and the afterlife in the Hindu and Islamic religions. The essay also discusses basic core tenets of both faiths and touches on ritual following death. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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all similar to one another in that Buddhism is the same as Hinduism, which is the same as Islam, and so on. To the Western individual who has a Judeo-Christian background, this is a common misinterpretation. But in reality, there are vast differences between religions practiced in the East. This essay will offer a brief comparison of both religions - Hindu and Islam (Muslim), and also focus upon the belief both these faiths espouse as it pertains to death and the afterlife. In order to better understand the difference these two faiths attach to death, its just as important to understand the basic tenets of both Hinduism and Islamic religions (for our purposes, well use Muslim as the religion for Islam). For one thing, Hinduism has many deities, while Islams belief is in one God (Allah) (Zahid). Hinduism has one "main" god, Brahma, recognized as creator of the world (Zahid). Among Islam religions, all humans are created equal, while Hinduism has a caste system that is rigidly adhered to (Zahid). Even the holy books differ - Islam follows the dictates of the Koran, while Hindu is based on the Rig-Veda (Zahid). Finally, while both religions believe that people have both bodies and souls and that death impacts the body and soul, the impact differs based on the religious practices. Islam believes that ones soul separates from the body upon death (Zahid). There is also a strong belief in life after death - in fact, this is the central belief of Islam, that every deed performed on the physical plane will have consequences upon a persons death. Actions performed (good or bad) during ones lifetime will have an impact as to whether the soul (or spirit as ...

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