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  • PRIORITY PAPER DELIVERY - receive your custom paper in 3 days at no extra charge.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNT offers exclusive to Premier A+ Plus Members.
  • 5 FREE homework questions answered per month.
  • REQUEST your favorite writer.
  • FREE monthly term paper test taking tips.

If you're a college or graduate student who occasionally needs help with report-writing, test-taking, homework problem-solving, there's no reason not to ensure yourself quality service, priority assistance, and 24 hour help from academic professionals with YEARS of experience teaching & tutoring students.


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Earlier Discounts & Fees Waived

Quicker Discounts / No Minor Service Fees For Extra Paper Requests!

The Paper Store sends our regular, valued customers discounts & coupons via e-mail 1 to 2 times per year. However, as a Premier A+ Plus Member, you would receive extra discount coupons with greater frequency than anyone! Members also get our regular money-saving coupons weeks before anyone else, enabling them to purchase papers at reduced prices from very early on in the semester!

Of course, coupons & discounts aren't the only ways Premier A+ Plus Members save money at The Paper Store! A number of fees that our regular, valued customers pay are waived for A+ Plus Members! Ever had to request that we send a copy of our research paper to your Google Drive? Regular, non-member buyers pay up to $ 10.00 per paper while A+ Plus Members pay only $5.00! Many of our customers realize weeks after receiving a research paper that they need us to re-send it to them. Regular customers pay a $5.00 service fee for such a request, but A+ Plus Members can call 1-800-90-WRITE and get any report re-sent at no charge. Numerous fees and surcharges that regular customers must pay, are completely waived for our Premier A+ Plus Members!

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Priority Queue & Writer Selection Options

Guaranteed fastest turnaround times and personal writers for all projects!

All students have stringent time constraints and need to have research reports delivered from The Paper Store well in advance of their own deadlines to ensure success. Premier A+ Plus Members are guaranteed completion of all customized research reports within just 3 days! Existing members can even order via e-mail with their Premier A+ Plus Account #, receive a fast electronic confirmation!

Why wait as long as a week or get hit with rush fees - when you can order using your Premier A+ Plus account and get a report written in 3 days with no delays. Want even better service? While research assignments from our regular, valued customers are sent out to our pool of expert researchers, orders from our Premier A+ Plus Members go right to our executive, top-level academics! In fact, A+ Plus Members can request a specific writer be assigned to help them with all of their research orders! That way, A+ Plus Members are assured that they're working together with a high-level, academic research assistant who gets to know their unique educational needs and the caliber of research they expect. While regular buyers still benefit from our expertise and professionalism, A+ Plus Members are rewarded with an extra degree of personal, hands-on service by entrusting their requests to one, dedicated researcher who is assigned to their file & committed to helping them throughout the entire semester & beyond.

Free, Light Academic Tutoring By Email

Ask us a term paper, test, & study questions by e-mail for free!

Ask us any term paper, test, or study question by e-mail for free! Ever had a question in the middle of the night [or day!] about a term paper you were writing, a test you were taking, or a homework problem with that you were struggling with? Premier A+ Plus Members get to ask us five questions each month via email and have one of our expert academics reply promptly with their advice! Whether you're wondering how to polish your thesis statement or how to find a key piece of information on-line, you'll be able to send an e-mail to with your Premier Plus account number and get a quick, competent reply from one of our researchers or writers on duty.

This service is not available to non-members but is included automatically with your Premier A+ Plus membership! Having a personalized on-line tutor, 24 hours a day to answer your most important questions and give you academic advice is invaluable and should be a "must" for any college or graduate student.

Unfortunately, not every student can be granted access to such a resource-demanding service. Only The Paper Store's Premier A+ Plus Advantage members have this opportunity to get help 24 hours a day via e-mail from academic professionals who are literally at their finger tips!

Monthly Term Paper & Test Secrets

Private members-only term paper and test-taking e-mail tips sent monthly .

The academic professionals who write for The Paper Store are experts in their respective fields. Many have taught in university-level classes, written journal articles, published novels, and even co-authored textbooks! Even more impressive is the fact that each of our veteran researchers and writers have vast experience preparing as many as 3-4 quality reports per day. How can anyone write so well with such consistent quality? Of course, our researchers share a "secret recipe" for success - a formula that is not available to our regular, valued customers.

Once a month, The Paper Store researchers and writers to have a few of them put together a set of tricks and tips designed to help the average student learn how to write papers and take tests better than their peers! The written results of these writers' efforts are sent out each month -- by email -- to Premier A+ Plus Members.

The tips, tricks, and techniques that we send to our Premier A+ Plus Members are invaluable and come directly from these talented individuals who are experienced in the field of education and who understand the unique needs of college students better than anyone -- - as they work closely with our customers creating customized reports to assist them with their most difficult research projects year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Premier A+ PLUS Membership

When are you open and what services do you offer?

The Paper Store offers customers two options. You can either order a brand new term paper, essay or report (Custom Paper) or you May order a pre-written paper.

We are constantly writing new papers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in accordance with our customers' research instructions. If you'd like to tell us what to write, just complete the order form for "Custom Research". Rush services are available upon request.

If you prefer to browse through the 120,000+ papers we've already written, just enter a few words to describe your topic into our essay database. A list of papers will appear within a few seconds. Papers that are already on-file are delivered within 3 hours. A rush option is available for these as well, where you can receive in just minutes of placing the order.

What comes in my Premier A+ Plus Membership kit?

All new members get a full Confirmation & Welcome Kit sent to their home Within 10 Days! Knowing that one solid, reputable company will be there for you throughout your college years is important enough. However, having a special account with that company to ensure extra services and benefits is invaluable. The Welcome Kit includes such items as: an introductory letter - genuine written by the 25-year president of the corporation, your personal membership card & unique account # (which you'll use from now on whenever you make purchases from The Paper Store), and a USB Stick containing a copy of the company's entire catalog of research paper abstracts --enabling you to browse our directory in any common word processor without even logging on to the Internet!

Also included, are instructions for using member services such as: receiving expert term paper and test tips monthly, getting academic advice via e-mail, having a dedicated writer assigned to all of your research requests, obtaining guaranteed three-day turnaround times on custom reports. To read all about the benefits of Premier A+ Plus membership, read the benefits at the top of the screen.

How do you do all of this for such a low fee?

The Premier A+ Plus Program Helps The Paper Store provide better service to our member customers thus, ensuring repeat purchases and referrals. The Paper Store created its Premier A+ Plus Member Program as a courtesy to those customers working hard to get through school but needing extra resources to help them with their studies, their research, and other related endeavors. The almost-negligible $4.95/month fee is used to cover our base costs of processing, printing, shipping, labor, etc to mange the program. For us, the "profit" is derived from the positive word-of-mouth provided by our Premier A+ Plus Members who encourage their friends & other peers to come to us for help with their papers. It is due to such a high number of referrals that we are able to give away so many benefits and services for so little! Since we owe thanks to our many satisfied customers for helping us grow over the last six years, the Premier A+ Plus Program was essentially created as a gift to those who need us most - designed with the average college student's budget in mind.

How am I billed for The Paper Store Premier A+ Plus membership?

No Paperwork! No old school check-writing! At The Paper Store, we're well aware that college and graduate students are some of the busiest people in the world and thus, they often do not have time to make a payment each month for such a small amount. Consequently, Premier Plus Members benefit from having their Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover account billed automatically -- at the end of the month! You'll never need to receive any bills or other related literature from The Paper Store during the length of your service! Your welcome kit arrives in the mail, your membership card gets tucked away in a safe place, and nothing else needs to be done on your part! It can't be any easier!

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel within the first 30 Days with no further obligation! While we do work very hard to ensure that all of our Premier A+ Plus Members are content with the service, we realize that circumstances may require a small number of students to leave the service during its initial weeks. Consequently, The Paper Store allows Premier A+ Plus members to cancel their account within the first 30 days of service.

Just e-mail and you'll receive a confirmed cancellation number within 24 hours. After your initial month of membership, The Paper Store is pleased to continue offering Premier A+ Plus benefits & services for 11 months -- uninterrupted - with our low 4.95/month rate guaranteed for as long as you maintain your membership. At the end of the first year of service, you'll be asked whether or not you wish to renew membership, but will not be obligated beyond that point! With such a low rate fixed for the year -- becoming an A+ Plus Member is even more attractive to the average college student!



Benefit from all of the services listed above and more for only $4.95/month!

Space is limited - secure your membership now and become a A+ Plus Members!


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