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This 8-page paper answers some questions concerning the Narrative of William Wells Brown, who was a slave in the U.S. South during the mid-19th century, and who managed to make his way to freedom.

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who ended up fleeing the South. He ended up on the doorstep of his "benefactor," and decided to thank the man by writing an essay to honor the man who had saved his life when he had been a "weary fugitive from chains and stripes," who, when hungry, had been fed (and when naked, clothed). Like much of the literature of that particular day (that "day" being 1847, when slavery was being denounced by abolitionists in the North), this particular treatise was written to help spur the anti-slavery forces into working harder on behalf of the slaves of the South. Although not as famous or as popular as Frederick Douglass own narrative of slavery, this pure biography (Douglass was not) does portray the life of a slave in all of its gruesome form, and did end up selling a great deal in the North. In this paper, well examine the text of this biography and answer a few questions pertaining to it. Unlike some of the other, more moderate abolitionist literature, this particular piece of literature tends to describe the "peculiar institution of slavery" in very gory detail, down to the whippings, punishments and general mind control games that overseers regularly played with their slaves. How did slavery make or limit possibilities for this person? Its been said, in general, that slavery can either create opportunities or despair. Those who escaped the South and their lives in chains saw the opportunities inherent in slavery. Among these opportunities, for example, were the ability of some slaves learning to read. What about ...

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