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Responses to Five Essays

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A 10 page paper which offers up five different responses to five essays. The essays are by Amy Tan, Ann Causey, Opal Palmer Adisa, Edward Abbey, and Ellen Ullman. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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makes no sense, is seen as wrong, or simply enjoyed. With that in mind the following paper offers up this reader/writers response to five different essays. The essays are Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, Is Hunting Ethical by Ann Causey, Lying in the Tall Grasses, Eating Cane by Opal Palmer Adisa, The Cowboy and His Cow by Edward Abbey, and Space is Numeric by Ellen Ullman. Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Amy Tan is one of those writers whose work is unique for she comes from her strong Chinese heritage, instilled by her mother, and yet her own unique of American culture. This essay is one that truly illustrates the complexity of that relationship between cultures and pressures. The struggle to find her own identity, away from her mother, yet still remain connected to her mother and her culture, is very evident and it seems as though it takes her some time to embrace her mother and her culture. Anyone familiar with other works by Tan will realize this for she has long been, it seems, struggling to understand her mother while also possessing her own identity. This is especially the case because her mother is such a strong and determined woman who has been pushing Tan to be successful in many ways. For example, at times she seems embarrassed by her mother and her use of the English language which can come across as less than intelligent. But she also notes how, "You should know that my mothers expressive command of English belies how much she actually understands. She reads the Forbes report, listens to Wall Street Week, converses daily with her stockbroker, reads all of Shirley MacLaines books with ease-all kinds of things I cant begin to understand" (Tan 77). It seems that she is ...

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