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Religion and the Same Sex Marriage Debate

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This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of the political influence of religion. The role of religion in the same sex marriage debate is highlighted. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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we have historically upheld marriage to be; our cultural condition leads to the traditional argument that this is how marriage has always been, so it should remain as is, and most importantly, the moral argument that is endorsed by almost all major religions belief in marriage being between a man and a woman. I however, believe that none of these reasons are rational arguments for the heterosexual monopoly on marriage. For one, definitions are arbitrary. It is irrational to think that definitions are not subject to change when necessary, or should not be just because we currently have chosen to define something in that certain way. Second, sometimes respect for tradition gets in the way of our societies forward movement. We pass down ideas and rules from generation to generation, eventually sometimes forgetting why we are, or the real relevance of those ideas and rules. Some people who even approve of equal rights for gays are hesitant to endorse same-sex marriage simply because of the overwhelming voices over the years engraining the idea that marriage should really just be between a man and a woman. Lastly, and what I will be concentrating on for this project, is the fact that the fight against same-sex marriage being legalized is largely influenced by religious ideology in the legislative and constitutional process. The first years of the 21st century revealed a strong trend of religious beliefs dominating discourse in the American political arena. For instance, in the 2004 presidential election, many of the most prominent issues that helped to decide the election had a decidedly religious component: "abortion, the use of human embryos for stem-cell research, gay marriage, and religion in public schools" (Reich, 2003). A sociological analysis of the election from 2003 reveals the differing ...

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