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This 10-page paper examines the impact of the media (television, radio, newspapers and magazines) on corporate America and business industries. The examples cited dealing with media influence include the rise and fall of Enron (and the media's role); how media tarnishes the reputation of the insurance industry and a case study about the importance of business honesty during a PR crisis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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a point. Journalists, for the most part (whether television reporters or magazine writers) are trained to be objective observers and to report the news objectively. But journalists are only human - as a result, news can sometimes be slanted either positively or negatively, depending on where a particular journalist stands on a particular issue. In many cases, it is the media that influences politics. In examining the 2000 presidential election, Republican candidate George W. Bush was painted as a dope and a buffoon - the result being that when he stepped up to the mark following the September 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon, many in the media exhibited surprise that Bush exhibited such an air of command. In addition, those who followed Bush through the media were surprised as well. The media, interestingly enough, also can have the same impact on American businesses. On a smaller level, those who write play, movie or restaurant reviews for a living have the power literally to either boost a particular business clientele, or to close that business down forever. By the same token, when it comes to "objective" reporting, the media has bias as well. Media reporting and slanting can make a good company seem bad; can make a bad company seem wonderful and in general have a huge impact on the business community. This is why many major corporations have full-time public relations representatives on staff - to paint the highest level of visibility and goodness to the public through the media. One bad article is enough to shut a business down for good. This has especially been made clear in the post-Enron days. ...

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