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Integrated Technology and Smart Business

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This 4 page paper looks a concept of a ‘Smart Business’ and integrated technology answering three questions set by the student. The first question discusses the way in which information technology may be perceived in an objective manner, the second question considers the influence of politics and power on the way IT is implemented and the last price concept of smart business to a case study provided by the student. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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used in order to add value to the business. White (2004) argues that information technology has a great deal of potential for a business. Likewise Chaffrey (2004), argues that the key to information technology is the way it in which it is used. When considering the issues regarding information technology there is a great deal of potential for the tasks of value it facilitates to be assessed in objective terms. Hardware and software is usually evaluated in terms of its specifications, these may also be utilised in order to assess the potential for integration. It will be clear for some hardware configurations or software packages will be able to achieve certain goals but be incapable of achieving others. Overall, this may be seen as a subject able to be assessed objectively. There are many issues in information technology, not to all are directly related to the capabilities of hardware or software. The implementation of information technology is undertaken in human environment, it is when humans have to interact with technology that issues may become clouded and judgements more subjective. Technology is any useful in terms of the way is used, technophobes may be scared of the impact it will have; such as disempowering employees and eliminating jobs. Others may see technology as the benefit; it may make certain tasks easier, facilitate business processes, help reduce costs or increase efficiency. Different stakeholders are likely to have different perspectives which are biased towards their own needs. Therefore, although it is possible to see and perceived of technology in objective terms it is limited by personal perceptions due to reduce the human environment. Question 2 The concept of Smart Business as described by White (2004) may be a laudable ...

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