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How Napoleon Furthered Christian-Muslim Relations

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This 10 page paper examines Napoleon Bonaparte's conquests and failures as it concerns Egypt. Details are relayed. The focus of the paper is on religion and how Napoleon to an extent forged a better relationship between Christians and Muslims. A bit about both religions is relayed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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he was not born into a royal family, he was almost perceived as such and in fact the Bonaparte name in France is rather significant. To this day, he is a figure much discussed and in fact, the ideation that short men seek power is called the "Napoleon complex," a fact suggesting that this mans notoriety is vast. Napoleonic stories are legendary. Although he has received much criticism for his tactics and takeovers, Napoleon Bonaparte is a man who will long be remembered for a great deal of activity in early nineteenth century European history. His association with Egypt however is mixed in terms of the reputation he gains as a result. There is criticism that France has not had good relations with Egypt, but Napoleon single-handedly not only helped to further the cause of forging a relationship between the two nations, but also of promoting religious tolerance. In 1806, Napoleon acted as a self-appointed leader of Europe, and changed the Batavian Republic into the Kingdom of Holland, a place that had been ruled by his own brother (Mansel,1998). While Napoleon conquered many lands it is said that his true love was France and before he was ousted from that country, he had done a lot of good there. He served as Emperor between 1804 and 1814 and then again between 1814 and 1815. He would in the end live in exile, but his influence in France is in retrospect very much appreciated. When Napoleon entered Egypt it was because France decided that he would go "because only the East seems to be big enough to contain Napoleons ambitions" ("Napoleons," 2005). Actually, what would start out as a rather innocent jaunt would turn into a significant conflict. The English Admiral Nelson had waited for Napoleon on May ...

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