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Care Management and the Empowerment of Independent Living

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This 9 page paper considers to what extend care management assist services users in achieving empowerment and independent living. The paper identifies possibilities of service users and how social workers can improve the service they offer. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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safe surroundings where they would be cared for the reality was that they would often have a poor quality-of-life. Fortunately, this attitude has now passed; the predominant paradigm is that of care in the community. The current policy of care in the community in the UK can be traced back to 1990, with white papers and legislation supporting a policy implementation. Care managers and social workers1 are in a unique position to help their clients by being a source of empowerment to increase independence and quality-of-life due to their knowledge and skills. There is little disagreement that for the majority of those who require some assistance with services that quality-of-life will usually be enhanced by facilitation of independent living and empowerment (NCIL, 2006; Second Reading of the Disabled Persons (Independent Living) Bill, 2006). For social workers and other service providers the trend in services provision has moved towards higher levels of responsibility at local levels (Philips, 1995). The initial focus was care in the community, shifting the burden of care away from institutions into the clients homes. This shift has been important in moving towards independent living and empowerment, but the caring community approach alone is not sufficient to meet these ideals. More importantly, the framework as it developed with cooperation between different authorities under way that services needed to be coordinated has been a major move forward providing a foundation for further development (Philips, 1995). Care needed in the community, regardless of the way they are provided and the level of independence and the weight is provided, will include a range of services including domestic help, medical services and personal care. Those providing the services may also come from a range of agencies including social services, local health authorities as well as private agencies, non-commercial organisations such as charities ...

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