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A 12 page research paper that offers 4 brief papers. The first contrasts and compares religious service and practice between a Catholic Mass, a Jewish service and a Moslem prayer service. The second discusses how Jewish faith affects the life of an interviewed practitioner. The third discusses Langston Hughes' short story "Salvation" and Philip Roth's short story "Conversion of the Jews." The fourth discusses how the various world religions share certain values, yet religion has caused dissention and fragmentation, but, as Durkheim points out, is essential to human psychological welfare. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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specific, Im Moravian. However the student researching this topic should relate these services to his/her own experience. While Moravian services are fairly "high" church, in that they incorporate more ritual than most Protestant service, such as a formal liturgy, I was immediately struck by how much more ritual was involved in both Jewish and Catholic practice. There was actually not as much ritual in the Islamic service, but this may have been because it was a mid-afternoon prayer service, and therefore, not the principal service for that week. Also, it was rather surprising that the Jewish celebration of the Sabbath was so much longer than Christian services. The first service associated with the Sabbath occurs on Friday night. By the way, this research refers to a conservative Jewish temple in Raleigh, NC. Other forms of Jewish practice, such as Reform Judaism are greatly different. Lasting roughly an hour, this prayer service welcomes the Sabbath. The main celebration of the Sabbath begins on Saturday morning at 9:15 with introductory prayers. The main body of the service begins when the Torah is taken from the ark and paraded around the congregation. Then, members of the congregation come forward to read verses from the Torah. This is done in Hebrew and some of the verses were sung. It was explained to me later that the members of the congregation that perform this part of the service had to study intensively. The version of the Torah from which they read during the service is in traditional Hebrew, which means that there are no vowels and no indication of the melodies that are to be sung. Therefore, the individual doing the reading has to study intensively in order to participate in this portion of the service. Other members of the congregation ...

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