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Research Central! F.A.Q. Page

How Quickly Can I Receive Your Assistance ?
Papers to be delivered via e-mail are sent immediately and should arrive within less than 10 minutes! Fax is available as an alternative service (requires 6-8 hours to be sent) and
next day Fedex deliveries to your home or office available as well!  Thanks to the Internet and the availability of faster methods of shipping, students from ANY part of the globe can receive help from our site as QUICKLY as they need!

Why are there two prices and services on this site? How much is it exactly?
EzWrite.Com offers two different searchable research paper databases. Both contain the same quality of work but each one contains its own titles and disparate quantities of available topics. If you've already searched EzWrite's main database but couldn't find anything of relevance to your topic in their collection of quality papers for only $4.95/page then use their affiliate database to search an additional 50,000+ papers still priced at just $onfiles/page. Both services offer FREE bibliographies and INSTANT GRATIFICATION (immediate delivery!).  With two enormous research paper databases, EzWrite has more papers available than ANY OTHER term paper assistance company online! If you can't find what you seek in our main database, our affiliate "Research Central" database will have what you need!  

If I choose to receive a paper by E-Mail, in what format will it arrive ?
We send each paper TWICE to make sure that every customer... on every computer platform--with any amount of online experience...can read it. The first copy you receive will be labeled the PLAIN TEXT VERSION - In this "plain" version, the words of our paper will simply appear in the body of an email message -as easy to read as opening up any e-letter you get from anyone else! The second copy will be a FILE Version of the same paper which can be downloaded to your hard drive .. or to a floppy disk and opened with almost any common word processing application in just a few seconds. Even if you're unsure how to open a file sent via e-mail, you'll be able to read the "plain" text version without any technical know-how at all ! Remember, delivery via fax and Federal Express are available as well! 

Which methods of payment are accepted?
Most of our customers choose to pay with any major credit card. We also offer the option to pay with cash & receive an instant receipt via Western Union's famous Quick Collect™ service --available well as the option to mail a personal check or money order to our corporate offices. Please see our order form for complete details, options, and instructions!

What's Is Your Refund Policy?
Affiliate papers are provided by TPS, Inc., a company, that maintains a distinct refund policy--presumably separate from that of EzWrite.Com's own policy: ResearchCentral & TPS will go to every extreme reasonably possible to satisfy each and every customer but must maintain a strict no refund policy on all purchases made at Remember, information is not a tangible item--it can not be traded or "brought back" like other products... ideas sent via email, fax, or Federal Express do not constitute "goods"--but rather, services. Since customers can view a free, full page excerpt ....... ask ANY questions about ANY particular paper before ordering it--there is no reason not to know EXACTLY what to expect and thus, no reason to request a refund anyway ! The vast majority of our customers are not only extremely happy with their purchases... they go on to become repeat clients for years to come !


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