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Partial Example From An APA-Style
Reference List Citing Scholarly
Research Journals...

Cornman, B.J.(1997, April-June). Female Adolescent 
indResponsedto Childhood Sexual Abuse. Journal of
indChild and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 
indvol. 10(2),dpp. 17-25.  
Denton, R. and Kampfe, C. (1994, Summer).  
indThe RelationshipndBetween Family Variables and 
indAdolescent Substance Abuse:dA Literature Review. 
indAdolescence, vol. 29(114), pp. 475-495.  
Fergusson, D., Lynskey, M., and Horwood, L.J. 
ind(1996, October).ndPrevalence of Sexual Abuse and 
indFactors Associated with Abuse.ndJournal of the
indAmerican Academy of Child and Adolescent
indPsychiatry, vol. 35(10), pp.1355-1364.

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